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Yechury, Sharad urge opposition to unite against BJP

12 Oct 2017 03:10 PM, IST

Yechury, Sharad urge opposition to unite against BJP
JDU ledear Sharad Yadav (left) and Sitaram Yechury (Right), general secretary of CPI (M)


New Delhi, Oct 12: With the Gujarat assembly elections round the corner, some key opposition leaders have jointly called for unity of non-BJP parties. They said the unity of "secular" parties is very important now as the democratic structure of the country is under "threat" more now than at the time of Emergency in 1975.


Recalling Jayaprakash Narayan as a uniting figure, at an event to commemorate his 115th birth anniversary, Sharad Yadav, senior leader of JD (U) and Sitaram Yechury, general secretary of CPI (M) said that the unity of opposition parties is needed if India has to be "saved".


Pointing out that the values of freedom, democracy and development for which Narayan fought are under serious threats today, Yechury said that even if there are differences between parties, they should adopt the approach to "march separately, strike together".


"The threats against these values are similar to what we had seen during the Emergency. If JP was alive, he would have made us sit together. The main aim of the BJP and its ideological mentor RSS is to turn India into a ‘Hindu rashtra' and they will resort to dividing the society on communal lines to win in 2019 Lok Sabha elections," Yechury said.


Claiming that all the sections of society are suffering due to Modi government's policies he said, "The time has come for secular parties to unite if India has to be saved."


Sharad Yadav also sought unity among opposition parties and said, "There is no JP now but challenges are bigger now. Uniting the opposition parties to contest the 2019 Lok Sabha elections will be the biggest tribute to Jayaprakash Narayan."


Both Yechury and Yadav also denounced the central government over its economic policies such as demonetisation and GST.


Senior lawyer Shanti Bhushan, former Supreme Court judge V Gopala Gowda and Rajendra Singh, a well-known water conservationist, also spoke on the occasion. 

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