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JNU professor Nivedita Menon gets notice for addressing students

30 Dec 2016 09:12 PM, IST

JNU professor Nivedita Menon gets notice for addressing students
Prof. Nivedita Menon was served a notice for addressing a meeting at the administrative block on 28th Dec 2016.

New Delhi, Dec 30: After students, the JNU administration on Friday served a notice to a professor for addressing a meeting two days back at the administrative block, where the offices of university officials are located.

Nivedita Menon, a professor of Comparative Politics and Political Thought at the School of International Studies (SIS), was served a warning by the administration when she spoke on Wednesday at a gathering comprising students and other professors against the suspension of 12 students.

"You addressed a group of students on 28th December at about 4:15 p.m near the administrative building. This is a clear violation of the University rules," the letter read.

The administration stated in the letter that any gherao, sit-in or any variation of such modes of protests are prohibited at that place, since those hamper the office work there.

It also maintained that peaceful modes of protests, like hunger-strike, can be allowed in a restrained form, that too 20 metres away from the building.

The university also requested the professor on Friday not to address the students when a meet was again scheduled to take place against the high-handedness of the varsity top brass.

A total of 12 students from Birsa-Ambedkar-Phule Students Association (BAPSA), Students for Swaraj (SFS), Democratic Students Union (DSU) and United OBC Front were suspended by the university for disrupting a session of the Academic Council on Monday.

The university alleged the students barged inside the Convention Centre where the session was taking place.


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