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Impacts of demonetisation on UP elections

14 Feb 2017 03:02 PM, IST

Impacts of demonetisation on UP elections
Impacts of Demonetisation on elections

Ghazanfar Abbas, IndiaTomorrow.net,

Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, Feb 14: Isn't it foolish to think that demonetisation won't impact voting preference of the poor and low-income families who were badly affected by it? It could be because there is no one you talk to about impact of demonetisation and he says he remained unaffected by note ban and he is doing very well.


"Demonetisation has badly affected our work. How can we do business when we don't have money? How will we feed our children and run family," asks a carpenter in the city of Bareilly.


"The government should look into it and provide support and facility to poor people," he demands. "When they expect vote from us, they should also think about our rights," he points out.


He is not alone. There are thousands and thousands of people with the same view.


The central government demonetised old notes of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 on 8th Nov 2016.


"Orders are lying. They are not lifting them and so we are not getting money," said another.


"We deposited our old notes and could not get new ones in return. I am facing shortage of supply in our shop for the last three months. Every small businessman and shopkeeper is affected by this note ban," says an elderly shopkeeper.


Mohammad Zaheer, another shopkeeper says: "We are left with just 25% of business."

Nadeem says: "We are facing very bad situation. People have no money and so no one is coming to our shop."


They all say they can't ignore demonetisation while casting vote on Wednesday (15 Feb).   

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