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Demand for equality in opportunity is right not charity: Vice President

29 Nov 2014 08:11 PM, IST

Demand for equality in opportunity is right not charity: Vice President
Vice President Mohd. Hamid Ansari addressing at the Centenary Celebrations of the Darul Musannifin Shibli Academy, in Azamgarh on 29 Nov 2014.

By IndiaTomorrow.net,

Azamgarh, 29 Nov 2014: The citizens have right to demand social peace, security and empowerment through education, Vice President Hamid Ansari said, exhorting the Muslims to step up effort for fighting social, economic and educational backwardness by giving a re-look into the Islamic history. The demand for equal share in social and economic opportunities is a matter of right and not charity, he said.


“Azizo, apne ander aik bunyadi tabdeeli paida karo, Tabdeelion ke saath chalo, yeh na kaho ki hum tagayyur ke liye tayyar nahin thai (Friends please bring fundamental change inside yourself, Do not give excuse that he you are not ready for transformation),” Ansari told an audience after inaugurating an International Seminar to mark the centenary of Darul Musannefin Shibli Academy which was established by Allama Shibli Nomani here.


“The past sixty seven years show that we have not responded to the challenge fully. We have cited tradition and social custom as reasons for this. We have failed to walk in step with our fellow country men and women. We have, as a result, exhibited all the signs of social, educational and economic backwardness,” the vice president said.


Darul Musannefin Shibli Academy, Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh


The fundamental malaise of modern Islam is a sense that something has gone wrong with Islamic history. The fundamental problem of modern Muslims is how to rehabilitate that history: to set it going again in full vigor, so that Islamic society may once again flourish as a divinely guided society should and must, he said.


He said that social peace, physical security and protection of identity is what should the community and the citizens demand from the state. Empowerment of the citizens could come only through appropriate education.


Ansari also said that a community is right in demanding fair and equitable share in employment and the largesse of the state since unequal economic opportunities lead to unequal outcomes which in turn lead to unequal access to political power and participation in decision-making.


Vice President Mohd. Hamid Ansari receiving the Guard of Honour, at Azamgarh Air Strip on 29 Nov 2014.


 “The challenge is to overcome these within the framework of the law of the land and the constitutional rights of life and dignity, equality, and affirmative action in favor of the socially and educationally backward to ensure equality of opportunity. This is a matter of right, not of charity. The quest for it has to be patient but persistent, and within an approach and framework of inclusiveness rather than of exclusion and alienation,” he said.


The objective of “sab ka sath sab ke vikas” is valid and commendable; an essential requirement for this is a common starting point and an ability in all to walk at the required pace. This ability has to be developed through individual and social initiative, and governmental initiatives that fructify on the ground. Programmes have been made; the need of the hour is their implementation, he said.


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