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Delhi Minority Commission Petitioned Against Alleged Harassment of Muslim Youths Ahead of I-Day

13 Aug 2017 12:08 PM, IST

Delhi Minority Commission Petitioned Against Alleged Harassment of Muslim Youths Ahead of I-Day
Delhi Police



New Delhi, Aug 13: The Delhi Minority Commission has been urged to intervene to stop alleged harassment by police of some Muslim youths in a Muslim-dominated locality of the national capital ahead of the upcoming Independence Day.


As per the petition filed by Ovais Sultan Khan, Managing Trustee of noted civil rights group ANHAD, two incidents of such harassment have taken place in Jafarabad area of Delhi. He has sent a copy of the petition to the Delhi Police Commissioner also.


Khan said that on 11 August 2017, around 10:30 pm, police was patrolling on Jafrabad Main Road and forcing shops to shut down claiming application of Section 144.


"Bilal Sultan Khan (my cousin) and Mehtab Khan (my friend) along with their two other friends were chatting sitting on parked scooters outside Mehtab's home on Jafrabad Main Road. They usually sit here in free time as it is just outside Mehtab's home. When the 5 Police officers from Jafrabad Police Station who were patrolling the area reached Mehtab's home they abusively told them not to sit at the place as it is "15th August season". They told the police that this is their home and they were going inside and told them that there was no need to use abusive language. To which the police officer replied 'Zyaada akad raha hai', and slapped Mehtab very hard, one of their neighbours tried to intervene but Police officer didn't stop, and then he started beating Bilal, despite the fact that he didn't utter a single word during this episode and this time. Policeman slapped Bilal more than 5 times. And Police officer insultingly grabbed his collar, and parading him on road, and took Bilal to Jafrabad Police Station."


As a family member and activist living in the area, Ovais Khan reached the police station along with other members of the family but they "were not allowed to meet Bilal. The policemen said that as SHO is not available we won't release Bilal and that it will take at least 24 hours to set him free."


Bilal is from a well-known family so other influential people in the area took notice and after pressure was built Bilal was released around 12:30 AM on 12 August (that is after 2 hours).


Khan further wrote in the petition that "Police officers forced Bilal's family friend to write an application for the release of Bilal which he has written and stated that he has no criminal records and it seems there is some misunderstanding by Police officers."


After the release, Bilal said that he was kicked and slapped inside the police station.


ANHAD official has urged the Delhi minority panel "to take serious note of this incident, so that action must be taken up against Police officers who have wronged them."


He also urged the panel to "ask the Delhi Police Commissioner to immediately issue an advisory to all Minority concentrated Police Stations that Police should not harass, humiliate and torture local Muslims for no reason."

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