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4 lynched in Jharkhand over rumours of 'kid theft'. Deceased identified as Naeem, Khalil, Farzu and Raju

18 May 2017 08:05 PM, IST

4 lynched in Jharkhand over rumours of 'kid theft'. Deceased identified as Naeem, Khalil, Farzu and Raju
Four persons were lynched by villagers in Jharkhand over suspicion of kid theft. (Photo credit - Dainik Bhaskar)


Ranchi, May 18: Four persons were beaten to death in Jharkhand's Seraikela-Kharsawa district on Thursday on the suspicion of being child lifters, police said.


According to police, eight persons arrived at the district's Rajnagar village in two vehicles. Suspecting them to be child lifters, the villagers raised an alarm.


While four persons who were in one vehicle managed to escape, the other four hid themselves in a nearby place but were caught by the villagers and beaten to death.


As the police received information about the incident, they reached the village. But the villagers torched the police vehicle. In the ensuing clash, five policemen were injured and the villagers torched two more vehicles.


Senior police officials have reached the village to take stock of the situation.


Indica car of suspected child lifters were torched by villagers (Photo - Dainik Bhaskar)


Last week, three persons were lynched in the same district for being suspected child lifters.


According to Dainik Bhaskar Hindi daily, eight people entered Shobhapur village in the wee hours of Thursday (3 AM). They were in Indica and Zylo cars. People in Gopinathpur village, adjacent to Shobhapur, got suspicious about their activity. Then rumours spread in Gopinathpur and Kamalpur villages that a gang of child lifters have entered the village. Armed with traditional weapons, dozens of people came out in search of alleged child lifters and they entered house of co-villager Murtaza Ansari. They searched his house. Those who were in Zylo car fled the village while four in the Indica car left their vehicle and hid themselves nearby. One of them hid himself in a nearby toilet. He was caught by villagers and beaten to death. Other three were caught in Soso and Moli villages and beaten to death by villagers. And their Indica car was torched.


As the news reached the local police station, SHO reached the village with his team but the villagers attacked them and torched police van also. Five policemen and SHO were wounded in the attack.


--- With inputs from IANS

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Kk Singh

19 May 2017 03:24 PM
Why is our society moving back? Why capitalism is unable to destroy the feudal remains, like religion, caste, ignorance, superstition? Is not capitalism breeding the old, reactionary ideology is worse form to keep the people disunited?

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